Company Profile

Zhengzhou Westen Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.  is a specialized enterprise engaged in the R & D and production of fluxes for purification of molten aluminum and metal tablets for aluminum alloying, and providing solutions for the use of related products. The company is the chief editor of the newly revised standard YS/T491-2020 Fluxes for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, as well as the compiling unit of the revised standard Adal Tablets for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys, the drafting national standard Recycled Wrought Aluminum Alloy Raw Materials and the association standard Control Specification for Waste Water, Waste Gas and Waste Slag in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Melting and Casting.

The company's flux products adopt advanced physical purification principles, effectively solving the problems of purification degree, secondary burning loss, secondary pollution of molten aluminum, environmental emission, alkali metal and alkaline earth metal elements control in the purification process of molten aluminum. Metal tablets comprehensively solve the defect problems that the current industry standard only stipulates the content of the main elements added and does not limit the content of impurity elements added incidentally, and ensures the high-end quality of aluminum alloys.