"Development and Industrial Application of Harmless Treatment Technology of Aluminum Electrolysis Overhaul Slag"



  On August 31, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association organized a scientific and technological achievement evaluation meeting at the Chalco Zhengzhou Research Institute to evaluate four scientific and technological achievements including the "Development and Industrial Application of the Harmless Treatment of Aluminum Electrolytic Overhaul Slag".

  The expert group agreed that the "Development and Industrial Application of the Harmless Treatment Technology of Aluminum Electrolysis Overhaul Slag" project comprehensively and systematically studied the phase composition, the occurrence state and amount of toxic substances in the aluminum electrolysis overhaul slag, and developed the safety of toxic substances. Synergistic leaching-two-stage high-efficiency dissociation-phase restructuring and solidification new technology has formed a complete set of technology for the harmless disposal of aluminum electrolysis overhaul slag. For the first time, modern computer network control technology is applied to the harmless disposal process of overhaul slag, a process monitoring and remote control platform has been established, and a time-varying object multi-material coupling ratio control model has been developed to achieve precise control of the entire process; innovative research and development overhaul In the process of slag harmless disposal, multi-component gas enrichment directional disposal and circulating water dynamic balance control and safe disposal new technologies have realized safe and controllable process equipment, clean discharge and recycling throughout the process; research and development on the same disposal line The classification of waste cathodes and waste refractory insulation materials in the overhaul slag, and the time-based harmless disposal process effectively solves the problem of harmless disposal of aluminum electrolysis waste cathodes. In the treated residue, the soluble fluoride content is 2.46~8.99mg/L, the average content is 4.45mg/L (all lower than the standard value of 10mg/L), the soluble cyanide content is 0.004~0.021mg/L, the average The content is 0.009mg/L (all lower than the 0.5mg/L standard value), the pH is 6.47~7.77, and the average is 7.12, which fully meets the Class I general industrial solid waste first-level standard, and the other 14 inorganic indicators meet the national standard requirements. The technology of the project has been successfully applied in Baotou Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Lanzhou Branch of Aluminum Corporation of China, with high technology maturity and advanced economic indicators. If it is promoted nationwide, it can solve the environmental pollution problem of 38,724 tons of soluble fluoride and 48.4 tons of soluble cyanide every year. The economic and social benefits are significant. The project has improved the level of harmless disposal of hazardous waste in my country's electrolytic aluminum industry, formed a completely independent intellectual property rights for the harmless disposal of aluminum electrolytic overhaul slag, and promoted technological progress in the field of innocuous disposal of aluminum electrolytic overhaul slag, and significantly improved This has improved the market competitiveness of our country’s hazardous waste harmless disposal technology. The overall technology has reached the international leading level.